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        Welcome To Keli Machinery Official Website

        WHAT DO WE DO

        One step injection blow molding machine as well as related components and molds


        Provide quality products and services for many well-known companies around the world


        Committed to providing packaging solutions for medicine, food, cosmetics and other packaging industries

        ABOUT US

        Zhejiang keli plastic machinery co.,ltd. was established in 1999, lt is a provincial science and technology enterprise as well as national high and new-technology industrial enterprise that researches, manufactures and sells one step injection blow molding machine as well as related components and molds.


        Provide product use and maintenance knowledge

        Contact Keli

        Qianchen Industrial Estate, Toutuo, Huangyan,
        Taizhou, zhejiang, China

        Tel: 0576-84911388  84911398
        Fax: 0576-84911399
        Domestic Sales: 13905761196
        Foreign Trade: 13957627011
        E-mail: admin@tzkeli.com.cn
        Web: www.www.luxemwoods.com

        Follow Us

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        Copyright ? Zhejiang Keli Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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